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This site is a collection of information regarding the repair of Kef subwoofers models PSW1000, 2000, 2010, 2500  and Celestion models S8, S10.

These models all share the same basic design and its problems. Newer models are completely different and I have little or no knowledge of them.

On this site, I will try to provide you with enough information to repair your faulty Kef PSW.

Jan. 2015: For several reasons, I can no longer carry out repairs. Sorry.

All original documents on this site are published under the Creative commons Attribution Licence

The small print: You do not have to register to post a comment but all are moderated to prevent Spam. Comments, updates or additional information are always welcome.  This site has no connection whatsoever with Kef, GP Acoustics or any other commercial enterprise.  If you find a page useful then please click the “Thanks” button on that page.  If you find a problem or mistake then please contact me. Thanks for visiting this site. Frank.

43 Responses to About this site

  1. Richard Leinfellner says:

    Ref Kef Subwoofer repair C52. Totally brilliant, had the problem after putting sub in storage for a while, about o rush out to replace and thought I may as well try this fix.
    Great instructions and it all worked first time, now back to deep bass heaven.
    Can’t thank you enough.

    • Colin Borland says:

      I’ll second that! I’ve just done the repair after worrying that I wouldn’t have the skills to solder capacitors to a circuit board, but it was as easy as making a cup of tea!
      You’ve saved me an absolute fortune – THANKS!!

  2. Mark Davies says:

    I cannot recommend Frank’s repair service highly enough. The quality of workmanship and advice is second to none, and most importantly all for a very reasonable price!
    Instead of wondering if my Kef sub will switch on, I now have peace of mind because of the modifications/upgrade that Frank has carried out

  3. Neil Egan-Ronayne says:

    After falling foul of the dreaded ‘Dead KEF PSW Subwoofer’ issue, I was considering shelling out for a replacement Sub, when I cam across this invaluable website. After contacting Frank and establishing the fault, the part was shipped out, repaired in quicktime and on it’s way back within 24hrs. Not only was the downtime brief, but the cost of his expert repair left any and every other option face down in the dust.

    Thank you a million times and more…


  4. Andy Williams says:

    Came across your site while looking for hints on what was causing the buzzing relay issue on my Kef Sub and following your instructions I resolved the issue for just a few pounds ! Thank you for thinking of others and taking the time to produce the step by step instructions. Thanks Andy

  5. chaveiro says:

    I will tell you my history and how i fixed it for best reliability :
    I got a kef kit for my parents with a PSW2000 on 2001.
    It was always powered on in auto standby until it died with buzing relay in 2005. At that time it was serviced under warranty at kef and got the regular mods from them (Q11,Q13 and relocated power resistors).
    I leaved it powered on until in 2009 when it started not to go in standby, led always green, line in got amplyfied but gave some low frequency random crackling noises a litle fantasmagoric.
    We thoght it was noise coming from the neighbour for a month until i discover it was the subwoofer. LOL!

    By 2009 now out of warranty, got the schematics and decided to fix the sub from overheating:
    – I’d replaced all electrolitic caps on the sub.
    – Removed R141, R142,R143,R144 completly.
    – Added a new small -18-0-18 dc unregulated transformer to power the low voltage side.
    – Injected voltage to Vin’s of 7815 and 7915.
    – Got standby signal from AF/OUT pin on connector CN1 to activate a new relay via a new npn transistor that switches mains to power transformer when out of standby.

    No more overheating, back pannel was always cool.
    When singal is detected it switches on, and powers off main transformer when not. A real standby.
    It was good for 3 months when the low frequency random crackling noises started again.
    I’ve traced the random noises to an overheating BA4560. Replaced it and it has been working since then with real auto standby feature.

    Last week i bought an used kef kit with the same broken sub for me and did the same mods!

  6. Jeff Burrington says:

    If only there were more people around like Frank! Thank you so much for your super repair and kind hospitality. We are so quick to ‘dump and replace’ these days and it is just so refreshing to find someone who goes against this mindset. Cannot recommend highly enough!

  7. Stan says:

    My PSW 2500 was DOA, sent it to Frank not knowing what the problem was apart from a destroyed relay. 24 hours after I sent it out broken it was returned fixed modified and tested. Additional problems he found were fixed along with a full mod. (£35)
    My KEF 2500 is now a FJ-PSW2500

  8. A Khan says:

    After some excellent instructions for preliminary checks, I sent my subwoofer to frank, it was sent back to me in fully working order the next day. The service/work is impeccable – I would definitely recommend his service.

    A full supporting document of the tests/work carried out was sent to me with the sub…

    The cheap prices defiantly don’t match the excellent service provided.

    Much appreciated

  9. Steve Smith says:

    Frank you are a genius. My KEF PSW2010 packed up just out of guarantee (the very common amplifier hum caused by leaving in standby mode) and KEF were no help at all unless I paid them a small fortune. The sub was consigned to the loft for several years and then I found your web site.
    Absolutely brilliant-fault diagnosed, repair offered and completed in 24 hours and returned in perfect working order all for less than £30.00
    I cannot praise highly enough and suggest KEF could learn a thing or two from you!
    Many thanks
    Steve Smith

  10. Adam Fenner says:

    Wow brilliant service, perfect repair of two faults, and upgraded parts fitted to make it more resiliant, P&P prtompt & secure. The best repair service I have ever recieved, I wish all were like you.
    Thanks again Adam

  11. Mick Perry says:

    Well done Frank! Thank you so much for all your help.
    I’m so please I found your site and that you were were able to help.
    I would recommend you and your services unreservedly.

    Thanks again,


  12. Raz says:

    Frank thanks so much for your help not just with the overhaul of the KEF PSW 2500, but also in the way that you chased up the item through the postal service from Australia. The unit arrived back in Australia within 5 days of leaving the UK. I had read all the comments regarding the repairs and can say that I made the best decision to send it to you. The remuneration for your expertise is minimal and I can say that I am glad to know that there are people like you in the world today.

  13. Mike Fox says:

    My PSW2000 sub has been dead for some time with me assuming it was maybe the amp. A bit of investigation then had me looking around for a new sub woofer until I happened upon Frank’s site. I sent the amp board to him on Monday and it was fixed and returned Friday of the same week! Outstandingly good service and I now have my surround sound back and working all for around £30!!!!!

  14. Jonathan Tafler says:

    Frank is a species of angel. My PSW 2000 subwoofer is pretty ancient and has been malfunctioning for several years. I had it ‘professionally repaired’ before and the job was botched. Frank has repaired it, improved it – now fully functioning, at a cost, beyond carriage and parts, of £10 (total cost £60 – but much less than the £400 I was looking at spending on a new sub). He does this because – I imagine – he enjoys it. What a great bloke! Thank you!

  15. Mark Clinch says:

    Magnificent service. I’d resigned myself to buying a new woofer then stumbled upon this site. After I made an enquiring email to Frank to which I got a repy within hours, I sent the amp plate off and a week later it’s back with me and the PSW 2000 is performing better than it did when new (10 years ago) i.e. works just as it should but without the massive popping noises that were present from day one. At 28 quid (including shipping back to me), it’s an absolute bargain. Most appreciated – thank you.

  16. Sean coleman says:

    Fantastic site, repaired my PSW2010 replacing C52. Excellent instructions thanks heaps.
    Added a sensored power adaptor so hopefully all good going forward.


  17. Elliott says:

    Had a noisy buzzing relay on my PSW2000. Very pleased to have come across this site and can’t recommend Frank enough – incredibly prompt and professional service and my subwoofer is in perfect working order once more. Very happy to have the bass back – thanks Frank!

  18. Jo Hardt says:

    Have downloaded and used the info very kindly provided by you. Very detailed and simple to follow. Thank you very much , you are a true gent. Jo

  19. DAVID NESTOR says:

    If you have a problem with your Kef sub woofer then Frank will solve it and repair it, for a price that is more than reasonable, his skills have helped me out on more than one occasion, he provides a service second to none.
    Dave N.

  20. Chris Sanderson says:

    I can’t thank Frank enough. I was close to throwing away a perfectly good Celestion S80 subwoofer that little did I know, until visiting this site, only needed a couple of new capacitors soldering in. Frank sent me the parts and hey presto, one working sub!

  21. Tej says:

    I can echo all of the positive comments on here. I sent my Kef PSW2500 to Frank to repair only days before his holiday and he turned it around in 24 hours. Superb service and he really knows his stuff. The subwoofer works just as before (and hopefully will last a lot longer with the modifications done). Thanks once again Frank!

  22. Steve Faunt says:

    I would like to add my thanks to Frank – my Kef PSW2010 back working for such a low cost it’s almost charity – if you have a faulty sub I fully recommend his repair service.

  23. Phil Smoker says:

    Another very satisfied customer here – my dead PSW2000 lives again, having sent it off to Frank for repair. Frank’s communication and service have been excellent and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks again.

  24. Brian Eighteen says:

    I had no output from my PSW2000 and thought that was it until I found Franks web site. I was in Devon one day and asked Frank if I could drop it off. No problem was the reply and a few hours latter I collected a modified and repaired Sub. Great service Frank – many thanks.

  25. Roy Adams says:

    i was in the process of dumping my psw 200 sub after 12 mths of trying to get it to work when i stumbled across franks site, What a gentleman. he gave me all the details of how to get my amp posted to him etc, time taken to send it off and receive it back, 4 days, ( xmas time too) i know have my home cinema working again and am so grateful to frank, cheap as chips too, bonus. thanks frank

  26. Pete Murphy says:

    I had the buzzing relay issue occur on my rather old PSW1000. I’m quite attached to my sub so was dismayed to find the extortionate repair prices through KEF (more than my sub is worth!).
    I stumbled across this site and boy am I glad I did! Despite the fact that I contacted Frank right in the middle of the festive period, my amp was repaired and posted straight back, all at a fraction of the cost!
    What a great service, thank you very much Frank. I just wish getting some of the other things fixed in my house was so straightforward!

  27. Brin Cox says:

    I too suffered the dreaded ‘Dead KEF PSW2010 Subwoofer’ issue. I was reluctant to buy a replacement but came across this website. After contacting Frank I shipped out the board, Frank repaired it in quicktime and sent back within 24hrs. The cost of his expert repair and shipping costs was remarkable for the excellent service provided. A full supporting document of the tests/work carried out was sent to me with the sub.
    Puts the manufacturer and other ‘professional’ repairers to shame. Comes with high recommendation.
    Much appreciated

  28. STEPHEN GODDEN says:

    Frank is a Genius, by return of post my PSW2000 was returned in full working order for what can only be described as bargin price for quality work.
    Frank is only doing this for the love of keeping some good old equipment up and running.
    Thankyou so much.

  29. Eyvind says:

    Frank gave my PSW2500 a new lease of life! – Superb service! Sent it from Norway and got it straight back within a few working days – despite the traditional customs issues! Highly recommended!!

    Thanks Frank!

  30. brian denner says:

    IF ITS BROKE FRANK’S THE BLOKE.What a godsend he has turned out. Saved me a fortune as i was going to buy a new sub. My KEF was dead and he breathed new life into it at a very reasonable cost. Am i pleased, you bet i am. Keep up the good work Frank

  31. Paul Cook says:

    Fault: Kef PSW 2010 loud buzzing noise.

    Frank did a top quality job on the amp, not only repairing the fault but fully modding it too. Cant praise his work highly enough.
    Many Thanks

  32. Rashid says:

    PSW2010 not working Tuesday, sent it to Frank, back and working by Friday! If your not an expert on KEF Subwoofers just send it to Frank…….If your still thinking about it your wasting time.

    Can’t thank you enough Frank.

  33. harry mcneil says:

    my psw 2010 was dead, replacment cube around £400-500, found franks site,read all the comments, i contacted frank,he gave me all the info,posted my dead board on tuesday, frank sent it back to me friday, what service and what a gent,and what a price, i have saved a fortune thanks to frank, better not tell the wife,well done frank and keep up the good work, you are a saint

  34. Nick Teague says:

    KEF PSW2000 no sound. Frank brilliant service, repaired and back working in days, would advise anyone to use his service, kept informed all the way.

  35. Michael J Knight says:

    Sensational service. Very helpful site. You would be daft to try anyone else. Many thanks Frank.

  36. Stephen F says:

    just wanna say a big thanks to Frank who went above & beyond to repaired my KEF PSW2000 SUBWOOFER & glass top / also did the upgrade mod.



    Steve F from sheffied

  37. Dave W from Mirfield says:

    What a gem – efficient, effective and fairly priced. As per the other comments – a “dead” KSW2000 brought back to life, marvellous!

    If Frank ran the railways – we could afford to use them!

  38. Matt Cooke says:

    My KEF sub started doing the well known buzzing thing for the second time, a few years back I had it repaired by Kef but it was pretty expensive and its happened again!!!. I looked everywhere online and stumbled across Franks site, realising he only lived in Tavistock and I live in Exeter I contacted Frank and arranged to deliver the sub myself to save on postage but also to make sure it didn’t get damaged in the post. I don’t normally post thing on these sites but I have to say Franks service is second to none, Frank repaired it while I waited and also gave me a cup of tea :-).
    He replaced various parts and modifications in no time at all.
    I cant recommend Franks service enough
    Thanks Matt

  39. Richard Stone says:

    Frank did an excellent repair on my Kef PSW 2500 subwoofer amp panel, which had developed a loud buzzing sound. A fast, efficient service and excellent value for money. Would highly recommend Frank’s services and thank you for job well done!

  40. John Lowrie says:

    What an amazing guy!!
    My PSW2000 gave up the ghost recently and Frank’s very courteous and professional (and inexpensive) service restored it back to life. It is great to have it back so quickly and working better than ever.
    Thanks again Frank – you’re a star!!!

  41. Tom says:

    Absolute fantastic guy/service very professional workmanship and turn around cant recommend him enough since asking about my broken/faulty psw2010 it was there fixed and back in days and so very cheap, Frank your an absolute star and would of been lost without your work thanks a bunch mate


  42. John in Chester says:

    I too had the dreaded buzzing and Frank repaired my PSW2010 about 4 months ago and it has been perfect ever since. The quality of workmanship and the speed of turnaround were both first class and I cannot thank Frank enough.

    I am very sorry to see that as from Jan 2015 Frank is no longer able to do repairs, I was so lucky to have got mine done just in time. I now regard my sub-woofer as being model FJ-KEF PSW2010 :o)

    Thank you again Frank!!!

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